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Members of the Red Shoe Society are leaders in the Tucson and Southern Arizona communities, making a difference in the lives of families with seriously ill children. Together they create opportunities to develop professionally and network with other community leaders, all while volunteering and raising funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Arizona.

Being a society member means you are the type of person who is passionate about using your talents to touch others. You’re likely a busy person, but the Red Shoe Society will fit your busy schedule. Monthly events will alternate focus between community service, professional development, and networking as well as offer sessions during the business day and in the evening.

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Carlos and Yamilka at 2016 House Party


  • Professional development opportunities through non-profit Board of Directors interactions
  • Fulfilling volunteerism at the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded philanthropic and business leaders.
  • Invitations to exclusive Red Shoe Society events
  • Opportunity to take on a leadership role, both in the Red Shoe Society and RMHC event planning committees
  • Discounts to RMHC events


  • There is no cost to join.
  • You’re in your 20s to 40s looking for a great community cause to support
  • You’ll share the Red Shoe Society with your friends
  • Attend a House tour
  • Minimum attendance of Red Shoe Society events (one meeting and one event per year)
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Saturday, July 27 - Bowling at Lucky Strike

  • Fun in the Summer!

    Join us on Saturday, July 27 from 11AM-2PM at Lucky Strike Bowling. Bring your friends and your family - we've got a great group of diverse and passionate people to meet. We'll reserve lanes for everyone. All costs for bowling will be covered by RMHC. Donations are optional.
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Wednesday, July 24th - RMHC House Resource Book

Red Shoe Society - RMHC House Resource Book

  • Do you know all the best places to eat, shop, etc. around the House? Are you amazing with graphic design? Do you want to leave a lasting impact on the House? Of course you do - you're awesome RSSer's! Come join us at the House on Wednesday July 24th at 5:30 pm as we work on the first stages of this one of a kind gift from RSS to all those who stay at the House!
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