Matt and family

A Place to be a FAMILY

During one of life’s most challenging times, the Ronald McDonald House helps you focus on what’s most important… family.


We understand the value of a home-cooked meal, a chance to do a load of laundry, a safe and friendly place for your kids to just "be kids." We help you give 100% of your time and energy to your child because, most of all, we understand the value of time together as a family, when time is at its most precious.

If you must travel more than 30 miles to receive medical care for a sick or injured child, you can stay with us, at no cost, for as long as your child is receiving treatment.

Sydni & Geri

Lesson from a Teenager

Sydni Lee is 16-years-old. In February, she was a varsity cheerleader at Payson High School, a member of high school drama club, a scholar, a fun-loving teenager. In March she was diagnosed with Familial Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (Familial HLH), a rare disorder of the immune system, affecting one in 1.2 million people. The treatment for Familial HLH is like leukemia – chemotherapy to knock out the damaged immune system, then a bone marrow transplant to replace it.

But that’s a simple version of a complex story...

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