Matt and family

A Place to be a FAMILY

During one of life’s most challenging times, the Ronald McDonald House helps you focus on what’s most important… family.


We understand the value of a home-cooked meal, a chance to do a load of laundry, a safe and friendly place for your kids to just "be kids." We help you give 100% of your time and energy to your child because, most of all, we understand the value of time together as a family, when time is at its most precious.

If you must travel more than 30 miles to receive medical care for a sick or injured child, you can stay with us, at no cost, for as long as your child is receiving treatment.

Ana Sofia

Rotating Shifts

Families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House operate on every conceivable schedule – and even some inconceivable ones. Take, for instance, Esme & Alejandro, parents of baby Ana Sofia.

How did they manage to never leave her side during her first three weeks of life in the hospital?

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