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Volunteering Not Just Time, but Talent


When we last spoke with Lori, we tried to thank her for the incredible gift she gives to Ronald McDonald House Charities families. We tried to tell her how meaningful her particular skill is. We tried to again and again, but were constantly met with the response that comes from so many RMHC Volunteers:

“I’m honored to do it.”

For 4 years, Lori has been spending most of her Saturday mornings at the Ronald McDonald House, doing laundry with her familiar group of volunteer friends, cleaning the kitchen after brunch, and providing a particular service of which most are unable and few families consider as a possibility.

Lori is an extremely talented cosmetologist, and she gives the families free haircuts every week.

“I wanted to volunteer somewhere, and my friend, Sue, introduced me to the Ronald McDonald House,” says Lori. The opportunity allowed her to be flexible with her schedule and gave her an outlet to volunteer not only her time but her skills as well.

Socks 8There are many volunteers at the RMHC who offer their unique talents. Judy bakes every Tuesday. Bill, George, and Joe have all served on our Operations committee and have knowledge about the building and its necessary upkeep. Karen organizes our toy room. Some are cleaners, some are fundraisers, some are greeters – ALL of them provide essential services that our families need.

Constantly, amazed by each families’ strength, Lori remembers one specific haircut, a few years back: “It was a family with a mom, a dad, and four kids – two boys and two girls. Their youngest boy was undergoing chemo and radiation treatments for leukemia. They walked in and wanted me to shave all of their heads. They wanted to support their son and brother and let him know that they were all in it together.

“I hope this inspires people to volunteer more.”

Lori is just one of the incredible people who volunteer at the Tucson Ronald McDonald House. Help us celebrate by sharing your thanks on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds.