Ethel at her 80th birthday smiling towards camera

Tireless Volunteerism…with a Smile!


Ethel Haber volunteers five days a week but she says since she’s turned 80, she doesn’t work a full day! On Fridays, you’ll find her at the Ronald McDonald House, staffing the front desk, checking on rooms, cleaning and organizing the kitchen. (She doesn’t like to sit still.) She’s been volunteering for us since 2008.

She also is a volunteer tutor at Prince Elementary School, helping kindergarten kids learn to read. She works one day a week at the Interfaith Community Services Food Bank, checking people in, making sure they get the food they need. Another day she’s volunteering at the Oro Valley Public Library, helping customers and shelving books.

This summer she’s adding a job at the Primavera Homeless Intervention Center, taking over for her husband while he volunteers in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in Idaho. “The men who are homeless need a place to clean up, get a meal and have mail delivered. Almost every one of them I’ve met, takes the time to thank me.”

Ethel retired from KUAT years ago where she ran the distance learning programs. And since then she’s helping us all learn about how to stay engaged in the community.

For her surprise 80th birthday, friends were invited to make a donation to one of the many nonprofits Ethel is connected to. We are grateful for those generous donations and for Ethel’s 1,270 hours of volunteer work and friendship.