Volunteer Spotlight: This Volunteer Makes our House a Home


Grace Richman started volunteering when she was 13 and has kept at it for 70 years. She’s been a dedicated, hardworking volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House since 2012 and says that this is the best volunteer job she’s ever had.

“I like the people who work here,” Grace said. “I like that we provide a service for families.  If I had a sick child (and thank God I never did) I can imagine what this place would mean to me.  I see the miracles that happen here.”

Grace is one of our kitchen goddesses. She’s one of the volunteers who makes sure that when you come to cook dinner here, everything is in its place.  The colanders do not get mixed in with the mixing bowls. And the spatulas stay separated from the salad tongs – at least on Grace’s watch.

Grace moved to Tucson in 2006 after she and her husband, Bob, sold their hair care product business. Her sister was living in Tucson and it seemed like a great place to retire and play some golf.

When Bob passed away a few years later, Grace realized she needed more in her life than golf. So she called the Ronald McDonald House to ask for a “job.”  She’s been here since, volunteering nearly 3,000 hours over the past eight years.

“Grace gives more than her time to the House and our families, she gives her heart,” said Christine LaBoy, Program Manager. “She has a natural way of befriending our younger volunteers and taking them under her wing – it’s incredible to watch. We are blessed to have her as a volunteer.”

Twice a week when Grace is here, our kitchen gets a thorough cleaning.  She makes sure the leftovers haven’t been left too long and the pastries look as good as they taste.  When our House Party rolls around in September, Grace doubles the amount of time she spends here, making sure this House shines before any guests arrive.  And on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, you’ll often find Grace helping out at the House.

“A lot of the other volunteers have families in town, so I don’t mind helping out,” Grace said. “Honestly, I get more than I give.”