The Ronald McDonald House Playroom Gets a Makeover


Kids need places to explore. Things to discover. Opportunities to imagine. Even when they’re sick. Maybe especially when they’re sick.

And we’re so fortunate to have a Board of Directors who understands that. Former board member and big kid at heart Michael Cyrino jumped at the opportunity to help bring the Center for Adventure to life.

Taking the place of our playroom, the Center for Adventure is spot where kids can just be kids. To forget about doctors. To laugh and play and learn.

Drawing on inspiration from the Children’s Museum Tucson, the Center for Adventure was reimagined in bright, bold colors. One corner would become a farmer’s market. Another would host a costume shop to let kids become dragons, firefighters, and superheroes.

And in December of 2021, the Center for Adventure started taking shape thanks to a generous grant from Angel Charity for Children.

Families are already flocking to the colorful room and uncovering all its hidden features. Like the tunnel with its mirror-adorned interior or the book nook away from the noise.

For many of our families, it’s more than a fancy new playroom. It’s a place where they can imagine, discover, and explore together.