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A Gift to Remember


Earlier this year we learned that Berta Dentato had left her estate to the Ronald McDonald House.  We never had the chance to thank her but we are grateful that she wanted her life savings to improve lives for children and families.

Berta was born in Austria, met her American GI husband there, traveled the world and eventually made her home in Tucson. We talked to her friend, Emmy Selting, to learn more about this generous donor we never met.  Here’s how she described Berta.

Berta was very friendly, very outgoing and giving.  She was willing to talk to everyone she met.  She was easy to cry, very emotional.  She was a terrific human being.  Honest. Jolly.  Really, she loved to laugh.

We like to think that Berta’s life is now bringing laughter to others. Planned gifts or bequests are one of the best ways to support the Ronald McDonald House. If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities, please call Nancy Kirk at (520) 326-0060.