Newborn Carpena sits in her carseat while her parents are smiling towards camera

Ana Sofia: Rotating Shifts


Families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House operate on every conceivable schedule – and even some inconceivable ones. Take, for instance, Esme & Alejandro, parents of baby Ana Sofia.

Ana was born prematurely at 33 weeks. Like many early babies, she needed care in the NICU for several weeks. The doctors predicted the family would be at Banner Diamond Children’s for 7 weeks – that’s a 150-mile round-trip car ride from home. Instead, they stayed at the Ronald McDonald House, just minutes from the hospital.

Esme & Alejandro are the most loving and dedicated parents. They were at the hospital constantly, rotating shifts every night. One night Esme would stay and sleep at the hospital and Alejandro would come back late to the RMH for a few hours for rest, a shower, and to grab some food to bring back to Esme. The next night, Esme would come back to the House and Alejandro would stay.

Ana Sofia had all the support she could have asked for – love from Mom and Dad and expert medical care from her doctors & nurses.

And guess what? After only 3 weeks, she was doing so well that the whole family was able to go back home, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

They thanked us with tears of gratitude when they left yesterday and their thanks should be shared with you.

Your support of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern Arizona meant that Esme & Alejandro could stay here for 16 nights. What would have cost over $3000 in hotel costs alone (assuming they could have even found a hotel room during Gem Show season in Tucson) cost them nothing. Food, gas, and laundry? Nothing. That’s money that can now go toward their mortgage, grocery bills, even Ana Sofia’s college fund…all because of your gifts.

This year we expect over 600 family visits, and you can help ensure that those families’ visits are free for them, too. Remember that you can make a gift that qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit now and through April 15. Your gift may be eligible for a dollar-for-dollar return on your State tax return. For information visit and to make a gift, visit