Armin and Cheri at the house smile for the camera

A Clean Bill of Health


We are so proud of Armin. After staying at the Tucson Ronald McDonald House for three months last year, he recently came back for a check up and found he had a clean bill of health. In an effort to stay healthy, Armin has recently lost over 80 pounds. Way to go, Armin!

Armin-and-Cheri“Just wanted to say thanks again to you and whole RMHC staff and volunteers. You all do amazing things every day and really made us feel like we were at a second home. The recovery process could have been difficult with so many things to worry about medically, financially, and emotionally. But we were fortunate enough to sleep comfortably night after night and have home cooked meals under your roof with less stress. For that, we will always be so grateful.

“I look forward to seeing you again when I make a full recovery!

“P.S. I’ve been cooking those meats and making healthy meals for the whole family. I hope to bring my new cooking skills as a Chef for a Day at the Las Vegas House 🙂

“Much love from Armin”

If you want to join Armin and cook a healthy meal for RMHC families, click here to learn more about our Chef for a Day program.